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Whenever you see a GET STONED show, no matter whether it is in a small crowded club or out on a festival stage with brass section THE STICKY TONES you will without doubtable notice the band´s intention not only to play these songs like any other Rolling Stones tribute cover band, but to celebrate and give you a unique concert experience. Thus the main focus is on the authentic sound created by the Stones, the sound which made the band so memorable.

In line with the 58. Berlin International Film Festival, Berlins biggest radio station Radioeins awarded GET STONED in connection to the “Rolling Stones Soundalike Contest” proving even more so the bands dedication to that sound. The audience and the organizers but also prominent companions such as Blondie Chaplin who was the Stones long term vocalist and percussion player but also joined GET STONED for several live shows are stoked in a similar manner, proving the bands passionate live performances in the past 15 years and for many years to come.