Moves like Jagger,
sound like the Stones!
Distinctive guitar riffs.

— Reinhard Baer, Deutsche Mugge

Being an authentic Rolling Stones tribute band, GET STONED have made it their business to use true to original equipment. Over the years the band has gained a variety of instruments that are also used by The Rolling Stones to get even closer to the original live sound.

GET STONED are using true equipment rarities. Having authentic Fender and Ampeg amplifiers and a historically remarkable Gretsch drum kit with true to original cymbals and to accompany all of this the band also uses an unique variety of different guitars.

Gibson Hummingbird

In his position as Stones front man, Mick Jagger doesn’t play the guitar too often. But if he does, he plays the Hummingbird mostly. The instruments brilliant sound, which you can hear in songs like Waiting On A Friend, or Let It Bleed, is what it makes it so essential—not only for The Rolling Stones but also for GET STONED. Using this particular guitar, Keith Richards has developed a huge number of song ideas. He also used it in the studio for recording classics like Street Fighting Man or Jumping Jack Flash.

Fender Telecaster „Micawber“

If there was a guitar Keith Richards could be identified with, it would doubtlessly be the 1954 Fender Telecaster. Having five instead of six strings and being tuned in open G this guitar provides a massive and unique sound which made the guitar riffs in songs like Brown Sugar, or Start Me Up so famous. The heart of his equipment which Keith calls “Micawber” is his loyal companion since the 1970’s and a must-have for every Stones cover band.

Fender Stratocaster

Ronnie’s hands have seen a huge number of guitars, but one can say that the 1955 Fender Stratocaster Sunburst has become sort of a trademark for Ronnie Wood. The guitar he received as a gift in 1974 remains to be his major instrument and can be heard in most Stones’ songs. Its striking and intense sound perfectly supplements the Telecaster. Therefore it is also used in every GET STONED show.

Gretsch Round Badge

Playing the drums in his unique and jazzy style, Charlie Watts used a Gretsch drum kit for decades. Having its own sound characteristics this drum kit was elementary not only for the rhythm section but for the whole Stones sound. Due to a fire at the production hall of Gretsch tons of documents were destroyed. Therefore the exact year of manufacture of several pieces can only be defined by the shape of its logo, the famous round badge, the number of plies of the shells and some other little details.

GET STONED are using an original Gretsch drum kit from the mid 1960’s and hand-hammered cymbals like the famous 18″ Chinas from the Italian manufactory UFIP.

ESP Telecaster B-Bender

Ronnie Wood uses the B-Bender especially in guitar solos and dynamic country sounding passages. What makes the instrument so special is the fact that one can bend single notes with the help of a particular spring mechanism which is built-in the guitar. The B-Bender is best known in songs like Honky Tonk Women or Rock And A Hard Place and can be found on a GET STONED stage as well.

Pedal Steel

Ronnie Wood is known for being an all-round guitarist. When it comes to slide guitars he often uses Tony Zemaitis instruments but for creating this very special warm slide sound in songs like Faraway Eyes he sometimes picks up a pedal steel. The pedal steel is a not too easy to play plucked instrument which is best known for its essential role in country music. On the occasion of GET STONED’s 10th anniversary, the band expanded the number of guitar equipment about one Pedal Steel.

Fender Telecaster Custom Black

In Keiths’ arsenal of equipment, the 1972 Fender Custom Tele is known as the younger sister of the 1954 Telecaster. He is also playing her in open G tuning and with five strings. In comparison to “Micawber” the sound of the Custom Black is a little more crispy, with more presence in the lower mid-range. This is what makes her the favored one on stage for e.g. Little T&A. Without any doubt she is much of a heavyweight for a Telecaster.

Gibson Les Paul Junior

Since 1975 the Gibson Les Paul Junior is in use on every Stones tour. “Dice”, as Keith calls the instrument, can be heard in songs like Midnight Rambler, Out Of Control or even Sympathy For The Devil for a certain period. Award winning tribute band GET STONED were present with a custom-made Les Paul Junior (certificate no. 871595) on the day the world premiere of Martin Scorsese’s Stones concert movie “Shine A Light” was celebrated at the Berlin International Film Festival.

Fender Telecaster Rosewood

Gibson Les Paul Special TV-Yellow

Guild Starfire

Zemaitis Disc Front Custom

Dulcimer und Lap Steel

Duesenberg Starplayer TV